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What Is The Best Product To Remove Scratches/Etches (And Future Scratches/ Etches) From Marble In Bathroom

Question: I have a project that is only 6 mos old and although it was sealed, it is now etched in many places all over the vanity, the floor also has some etchings—it is mostly from toothpaste I think—and its use won’t stop

The vanity top is nero marquino marble, the floor and walls are “asian calacatta” marble.

 I need advice—

1.    What is best product to remove the scratches /etches (and future scratches/ etches) that I can use with my black and Decker mouse sander (random orbital sander)—this sander has a polishing pad attachment (doing this by hand seems tedious and there are a lot of etch marks)

2.    What is best sealer /protector to protect it from acids and stains after I polish it?

3.    What is best product to clean the marble of soap scum that can also be used to remove soap scum from bathtub—there are many products to remove soap scum but are not recommended on marble-it is impossible to clean the tub and not get it on the marble –so we are stuck. Please help!

Answer: Thank you for contacting us regarding your stone. First I want to explain that no sealer will protect the marble from etching. Sealers are designed to give you time to clean up a spill to protect from staining. An impregnating sealer is absorbed into the stone- it does not sit on top. An etch is actually a chemical reaction between something acidic and the calcite in the marble. Etching is instantaneous.

1) Our MB11 Marble Etch Remover and Polishing Powder is designed for spot treatment of etches. It is designed to work on lighter, polished marbles. If the nero marquino vanity is a more black marble, the MB11 will not work well on that one (we recommend contacting a Stone Restoration Professional to restore black marbles). For the asian calacutta, MB-11 work perfectly and all the directions are on the container. Basically you will place a couple of pinches of the powder on the etch, mist it with water, and then using even your hand and cloth, buff in circles (adding pressure as you go) until all of the powder is gone and the surface has been restored to a nice shine.

2) The impregnating sealer we recommend is the MB24 Barrier. It is water based and oleophobic and hydrophobic- meaning it resists oil and water which will allow you time to clean up any spills before it can be absorbed. Again, nothing short of encasing the marble will protect it from etching.

3) MB3 is the product we have for soap film. It is a concentrated product and is very effective and is safe for all natural stones. We also offer a Bath and Shower Kit that includes this product as well as MB5 (daily cleaner) and MB9 (mildew remover) that might be useful for you to care for the bath as all of these are safe for stone.

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