Stone Care Literature

Educational Stone Care Literature written by Maurizio Bertoli– the “MB” behind MB Stone Care. All articles can be downloaded at

Preservaton Of Residential Polished Stone Floors

Abstract: “Finally something that makes sense!” Why is your marble floor not holding up its beautiful factory finish? Are you really satisfied with the recommendations given to you by the dealer who sold the stone to you and the contractor who installed it in your home? Don’t you feel that something’s missing? You bet! Your polished marble or granite floor can be kept beautiful for years to come, if you know what to do and what pitfalls to avoid!

Maintenance And Preservation Of High-Traffic Polished Stone Floors

Abstract:  “It’s much easier then you think or may have heard!” This article is for the professional maintenance managers and contractors. There’s much less than you think to the “deep dark secret” of proper maintenance and preservation of high-traffic commercial polished stone floor. You need a proven professional to set you up and get you started, but then you can easily do it yourself! Don’t get suckered in by the pompous presentations of famous and slick stone maintenance companies that are out there to do one thing and one thing only: make you afraid of it in order to get as much business as possible for themselves!

How To Shop For A Granite Countertop

Abstract:  “The Lemon Juice(and oil) Test” Why are certain people complaining about their “granite” countertops, while others are extolling their virtues? Are you sure that all the stones traded as granite are in fact granite? And if they are not, how can you tell a good “granite” from a bad one? Should you really rely on the stone education of the distributors and contractors? A natural stone countertop cost thousands of $! Are you sure that you feel up to the task of shopping intelligently in an industry that’s virtually totally unregulated? Do you really want to take your chances? Or should you give up stone altogether? No you should not, NOTHING is better than natural stone, but you need the proper know-how!

No-Nonsense Guidelines To Stain Removal

Abstract:  “Fancy professional kits are for amateurs!” Are you sure that what’s before your very eyes is a stain, just because it looks like it? Can you really tell stains from “stains” apart? Should you buy some fancy (and expensive!) “Professional Stain Removal Kit”, considering that no true professional ever uses them? No need to listen to some behind the counter salesperson who’s there just to do that: sell! Get all the information you need to know and the complete list of the easy-to-find, inexpensive materials that the real pros use to remove any type of stain out of natural stone!

How To Shop For A Bonafide Stone Restoration Contractor

Abstract:  “How to tell a doctor from a quack”. Did you know that there are no official standards, guidelines or certification programs for this all too exclusive trade that represents the very pinnacle of all stone-related activities? Should you trust a franchise?Should you trust the recommendations of your stone dealer or your interior decorator (if they weren’t even able to tell you how to properly maintain your stone)? Should you trust the advertising in the Yellow Pages? Should you trust your neighbor’s or your brother-in-law’s recommendation? Hardly! For your beloved stone’s sake, don’t take chances! Get your own intelligence by reading what you really need to know about this vital issue of stone maintenance and preservation

Guidelines For Maintenance Of Residential Stone Installations

Abstract:  “DOs & DON’Ts. All you need to know… and then some” Are you sure you’re selecting the right stone for the application you have in mind? Should you watch – and what should you be watching – your tile setter when they install your marble floor or shower stall? Should you be concerned about what to clean the mirror over your vanity top with? Proper maintenance of natural stone is seldom “what to do” after the stone has been installed. It begins before the selection of the stone and before its installation! Avoid costly mistakes and learn everything you need to know in this easy to understand, no-nonsense list of guidelines!

The Mysterious Case Of The Water Stain Ring

Abstract:  “The Lord of the Ring” — Aren’t those water rings or stains on your polished marble or travertine surface frustrating? They won’t come out, no matter what you do to them! Or will they? They will, if you listen to the “Lord of the Ring” (water ring, that is!), Maurizio Bertoli himself! But first, you must understand what they actually are!