What A Stone Color Enhancer Can Do

Regular stone surfaces are known for their beauty, but sometimes standard stone is a bit dull and in need of some enhancement. That is where stone color enhancers come into play. The right color enhancer gives stone a more glossy and vibrant look. It can take a standard looking surface and turn it into something that stands out. Not only does the color enhancer improve the look of the stone, it also protects the surface against staining as well.



Test Out The Stone Color Enhancer

It is important to test the enhancing chemicals on a spare piece of stone before using them on the rest of the finished surface. During the test phase, it is important to pay attention to the amount of the product applied, as well as, how long it remains in place after the application. Going through the tests helps ensure that the desired effect is achieved. It is not an exact process, and always requires a small amount of experimenting before the final application is made.

Treat Stone Materials

While stone surfaces can look just fine without treatment, choosing the right stone color enhancer brings out the natural colors of the stone while also protecting them from the elements. We offer several color enhancers that will give the stone a nice “wet” look without the shine.



Best Stones To Use It On

A good color enhancing sealer works best on a semi-porous stone surface. Stones such as granite, marble, and travertine all accept the stone color enhancer readily and benefit from the sealing properties that it has to offer. Stone that is not porous usually does not take enhancer very well, and will not require a seal most of the time. When the type of stone is not known, it is important to have a professional identify it. If that is not convenient then it is best to test a small amount of solution on a piece of stone before attempting to finish the entire surface. Note—perform a water test to see what the stone will look like after applying the enhancer. Pour a palm size amount of water on the stone and let dwell for 20-30 minutes. The darkening of the stone will show you what the stone will look like once the enhancer is applied.

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