About MB Stone Care

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Since 1989 we’ve been making fine specialty products for cleaning marble, travertine, granite, limestone and any other natural stone. With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, MB Stone Care is a name known around the world for it’s quality products and the ability to find solutions to natural stone problems confronting homeowners and tradespeople alike.

Some positive changes are taking place here at MB Stone. As you know, we lost MB Stone founder Maurizio Bertoli in August of 2008. This was a loss felt by family, friend, customers, associates, students, and the many people he helped worldwide. Maurizio was never too busy to help people solve their stone problems. He loved stone, it was his life and his passion. We are continuing his legacy and passion here at MB Stone Care. He trained us well and we follow in his footsteps every day. Our restoration division, Stoneshine, is constantly testing new products to insure they meet the strict requirements Maurizio demanded. They must meet these strict requirements before being placed in the MB product line. Maurizio left behind a successor, Stu Rosen, to continue his passion for preserving, maintaining, and restoring the natural beauty of your stone.

When it comes to maintenance, preservation and restoration of natural stone, such as marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx, sandstone, etc. nobody beats the vast expertise and in-depth knowledge of our own in-house stone pro, Stu Rosen. He’s arguably one of the foremost stone experts recognized within the stone industry and is well known for his “out-of-the-box” way of thinking and operating.


We want our customer’s to know we are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding your stone. We believe in “education before any sale”. Our staff is able to offer expert advice on what products you need, how to use them, and instructions for the care and maintenance of your stone.

Please feel free to contact us at 888-509-5831 anytime with any stone related questions. We are here to help!

4 thoughts on “About MB Stone Care

  1. New for me….. have purchased your soap film remover, for my travertine shower,.. the grout looks a little bit yellow in some areas…can I use your product in my shower stall?


    1. So sorry for the delayed repsonse. The MB-3 Soap Film remover can be used in the shower stall, but the yellowing would be something we would need to take a look at. It is always best to give us a call or send us a picture so that we can diagnose the problem and recommend the correct products. We thank you for your business and please feel free to contact us anytime regarding your stone. We can be reached at 888-509-5831 or by email at mail@mbstonecare.com


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