KPS Cobra 5: 5 Inch High Performance Stone Grinding & Polishing Kit

KPS Cobra 5:   5 Inch High Performance Stone Grinding & Polishing Kit

The “Patent Pending” KPS Cobra line-up has been designed with you, the Stone Refinisher, in mind.  There are 3 unique tool attachments for your hand-held polishers that are all interchangeable and all provide a different advantage depending on the type of material you are working on.  The Cobra 5, Cobra 5V and the new Cobra 7 Adapter.

KPS Cobra5: This is the original design. It weighs in at 7 lbs.  The added weight makes cutting harder stones like granite, quartz and concrete and some harder marble products a lot easier.

  • 5-inch Precision CNC machined solid steel drive pad
  • Heavy duty aluminum protective shroud
  • Industrial strength Velcro diamond pad holder
  • Two shroud stabilizers & dust extraction ports
  • Newly designed ‘Rubber’ Splashguard / Dust Shroud

KPS Cobra Splash guard: With the unique, one of a kind “Splashguard”, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money putting up tons of poly.  The Splashguard controls cobra_7_1__16609.1509379788.386.513overspray amazingly well. The splashguards are included with all 3 Cobra kits.  Additional splashguards can be ordered separately.

KPS Cobra Handle: This handle is a must have option for your hand held polisher. Solid Cobra 5 2aluminum construction makes honing, polishing or just carrying the kit super easy. It’s great when using it on walls for even consistent pressure during the honing and polishing stages. The handle is included with the Cobra 5 Kit only.

KPS Cobra Dry Vac Adaptor: Ever need to cut stone dry? You’ll love this attachment. Attach an electro-plated diamond pad on the Cobra and cut away with absolutely no dust.

For vertical surface refinishing see the Cobra 5V

To convert your Cobra 5 or 5V to a 7-inch drive pad see the Cobra 7 Adapter.

***Note:  When honing hard materials like granite, quartz and some harder marbles, it is best to use the KPS Cobra 5.  This kit weighs in at 7 lbs. With the combination of weight and the splashguard, honing hard surfaces is far easier.  This kit will take the Cobra 7 adaptor shroud, which turns your 5-inch polisher into a 7-inch polisher weighing in at a combined weight of 10 lbs. (Do not use this combo on soft stones like limestone).  This combination is fantastic for use on larger surfaces of granite and quartz.

The KPS Cobra 5V can also be used on flat surfaces like vanities, countertops, stairs etc. It does not have the weight of the KPS Cobra 5 though. So, honing harder materials like granite, quartz or concrete is not as effective.

The KPS Cobra 5V will take the Cobra 7 adaptor shroud which turns your 5-inch polisher into a 7 inch polisher.  This combination is fantastic for use on larger surfaces like kitchen countertops and works best on softer stones like limestone and other calcium based materials.

For honing and polishing all types of surfaces we highly recommend having the entire KPS Cobra line in your toolbox.  You would have what you need to refinish all types of surfaces in all different situations.


  • It eliminates user fatigue.
  • Spend less time prepping which saves money on material & labor.
  • Provides consistent, even cutting pattern resulting in a better finish.
  • Can cut wet with Virtually no splashing or cut dry with no dust.
  • 2 dust extraction ports
  • Centre water feed inlet (On KPS Cobra 5V for Vertical Surfaces Only)
  • Protects walls and baseboards from drive pad damage.
  • Grinds and polishes hard surfaces with ease.
  • Ergonomic aluminum handle, easy to control & carry.
  • Prolongs the life of the machine.


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