Preparing Your Home (and Stone) for the Holidays

The Holidays are fast approaching and now is the time to be sure you are protecting your stone from the wear and tear of the many celebrations to come. Here are a few quick tips on how to protect your stone to avoid the dreaded call to a Stone Pro after the last guest has left:

*Protect your countertops from drips and spills by using plenty of coasters! Calcite based stones such as marble, travertine, and limestone will etch from the lightest spill of wine, citrus drinks, vinegar, and even the slightest rouge spray of a lemon or lime can leave the pesky white marks on your gorgeous stone.

*Be sure the stone is properly sealed to reduce the chance of staining (remember- staining and etching are two different things). Not sure if your stone needs to be sealed? Perform the water test. Pour a palm size amount of water on the stone and let dwell for 20-30 minutes. If the stone turns darker you know you need to seal. Sealing now will prevent you from going through the process of removing stains later.

*Protect your natural stone floors near entry ways with non slip mats or area rugs. This helps to remove any loose dirt or sand from shoes to help prevent scratches.

*Stock up on the correct cleaning products. Be sure to have everything on hand you will need to clean up after your guests. The best products to always have in your cleaning kit include a daily cleaner, floor cleaner, etch remover (if you have marble), a good sealer, soap film remover, mold and mildew remover, stainless steel cleaner, and a disinfectant.

*If you have a company clean your home, be sure to give them the correct products to use. We get phone calls everyday from homeowners who have damaged stone due to their house keeper using vinegar, soft scrub or other abrasive and acidic products on their marble surfaces. Now is not the time to need a Stone Pro!

*Do not place hot items directly on the stone surface. Use trivets or mats under hot dishes and place-mats under china, ceramics, silver or other objects that can scratch the surface.

*Don’t use any regular toilet bowl cleaners if your toilet bowl is placed on a marble or other natural stone floor. They are highly acidic. Possible spills will etch your marble. Be sure to clean your bowl with a non-acid toilet bowl cleaner.

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