How do I remove stubborn white residue off travertine shower floor tiles? Nothing works!


Question:  “I have travertine tiles in my shower, and despite using numerous products and constant cleaning, I cannot totally remove the hard water deposits.  Most of the deposits seem to be in the grout.

Which products do you recommend for pervasive issues with this?  I’d like to reseal my shower, but can’t until the hard water deposits are gone.”

Answer:  What you have is actually calcified efflorescence- it is caused by moisture accumulating in your shower pan. If you take notice of your change of plain joints at the base of the walls- these joints are grouted and cracking. They are letting moisture get into the pan; all change of plain joints should be caulked (due to movement) not grouted.

We would recommend contacting a Stone Restoration Professional to fix those issues.


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