My travertine floor is very dull. Do you have a product that will bring back the shine?

Question:  “I have used your products for years to clean my travertine floors and counter tops – and love it. We recently moved to a new home with travertine floors. The floors were just professionally cleaned and look VERY dull. We asked the professional who cleaned the floors if we should seal them so they wouldn’t be so dull. He said yes, and quoted us $1200 to do it. So I went to your website and read your article: The Bare Truth about Sealers and Impregnator. The stones look so dry that I’m thinking we should do it, but first I wanted to ask you if there is any way to add some shine to an existing travertine floor? Will the sealer add any shine at all?”

Answer:  Thank you for contacting us regarding your stone. A sealer will not add any shine to the stone. Sealers do not sit on top of the stone- they are meant to be absorbed into the stone to prevent staining. It sounds like the floor is a honed finish meaning it is not a polished surface therefore, no shine. If you are looking to add a shine to the floor you would need to have a Stone Restoration Professional polish the surface. We do have a new product (MB-15 Stoneglow) that might add a little bit of shine but with a honed surface it will be difficult to achieve a very high shine. Feel free to send us a picture so that we can take a look and offer additional recommendations if necessary.


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