I need help choosing a sealer for my granite countertops and travertine showers.

Question:  “We are moving into a new house and the granite countertops and travertine showers have not been sealed. I’m confused as to which product to buy to seal. Is it the barrier or the impregnator?”

Answer:  Our MB-24 Barrier is an impregnating sealer so that is the product you want to use. If the granite is black you most likely do not need to seal; all lighter granites will need to be sealed. You can perform the water test to see if sealing is needed: you do this by pouring a palm size amount of water on the surface of the stone and let dwell for 20-30 minutes. If the stone underneath the water turns darker you know you will need to seal. If there is no change in color – sealing is not needed at this time. Perform this test in several places just to be sure.


For more information regarding our products please visit us at www.mbstonecare.com

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