There are dull marks on my granite kitchen countertop. How can I remove them?

Question:  “My granite kitchen countertop has turned dull; it’s really hard to see the difference in the gloss with these photos, but I did the best I could. In the first photo, you’ll see a dark spot in it, which is actually a reflection of something next to it. So maybe that is helpful in seeing the difference. Not sure. You might think the dullness is not even bad at all, but I’m very particular, so I want to get ahead of it, before it gets worse. My concern is getting a buffer in that area, due to tight quarters. Is it possible to use one of your polishing powders by hand?”



Answer:   It is hard to see the dullness but my guess is it is from mineral deposits due to water sitting on the surface. I suggest the following instructions to remove the build up:

  • First lightly wet some paper towels with vinegar -folded flat- over the dull areas for about an hour (vinegar cannot be used on marble or other calcite based stones such as travertine and limestone. Granite is acid resistant so it is fine to use in this instance).
  • Then using a single edge razor blade (must be the straight edge blade) held at a 45 degree angle, lightly scrape the surface to remove the build up. This should remove the bulk of it.
  • Then using a hogs hair pad, make a slurry out of our MB-11 and agitate the area that was dull (it will take some elbow grease).
  • Clean off the residue and you are done.

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