How Do I Clean My Terrazzo Tile Floor


Question:  “I believe we have terrazzo tile in our house. Can you please help identify the stone, and suggest the correct products to clean and shine the surface?”

Answer:  This type of stone is actually agglomerate stone. It is mostly made up of marble or quartz, then bound with adhesive. To care for it, you can treat it as if you would treat marble. It actually looks like it is in good condition. Our MB-15 StoneGlow will work well to keep a nice shine and to clean the surface as well. This a no rinse formula with a nice clean scent. MB-15 comes in quart size (ready to use) or gallon size (concentrate- will need to be diluted). StoneGlow can also be used on ceramic, porcelain, wood, glass, and all natural stones regardless of honed or polished finish. It is safe to use as a daily cleaner for countertops, vanities, showers, and any other hard surface.


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