How Do I Remove Grout Haze/Marks From Black Granite Floor?


Question:  “I just had a granite tile floor installed a couple of days ago. After several times cleaning the floor with water, I observed a few marks which I couldn’t remove. The marks looked like grout or mortar stain and a clear mark. What could I buy to remove stated marks and also to seal and shine the floor.”

Answer:  To remove the grout residue follow these instructions: (Note*** this process is safe to use on granite- NOT on any calcite based stones such as marble, limestone, or travetine; vinegar will etch these types of stones, but IS safe to use on granite).


  • Fold a paper towel over to 6/7 ply like this:

granite poultice

  • Pour vinegar on the paper towels (enough to saturate) and let sit for 15/20 minutes
  • Then using a soft brush and more vinegar, clean away the grout residue
  • Rinse and dry the area
  • Repeat process if needed



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