Kitchen Countertop Care

Assuming that your kitchen countertop is made either out of true granite, green marble or soapstone, or a honed-finished stone (if you have polished marble or polished travertine, then there’s not much that can be done to maintain their highly glossy finish, other than…well, never using your countertop), there is one thing you must remember:

This firm rule applies to all stone surfaces- countertops, floor, walls, etc.- using a “glass cleaner” or “water with a little dish soap” are common but erroneous recommendations that you may hear. Glass cleaners may turn out to be too harsh to both the stone and the sealer (if one has been applied). Water and dish soap can leave an unsanitary and unsightly film that will build up and become problematic to remove. (Wash your hands with dish soap and then rinse them under running water; observe how long and how much water it will take to rinse properly. To get the same rinsing result- which is the only one acceptable- for your countertops, you would have to rinse them with a garden hose!)

Generic household cleaners off the shelve of the supermarket are out, and specialty cleaners specifically formulated to deal with the delicate chemistry of stone are, very definitely, in order.


Do’s & Don’ts – Kitchen Countertops

DO          clean your kitchen countertop regularly with a n appropriate stone-safe cleaner. Use a higher concentration near coking, and eating areas, and diluted water for less demanding situations such as vanity tops – areas of the countertop far from cooking and eating areas.

DON’T     let any spills sit too long on the surface of your countertop. Clean spills up (by blotting only) as soon as you can. But, if you do have dried-on spills…

DON’T     use any green or brown scouring pads for dried-on spills. The presence of silicon carbide grits in them will scratch even the toughest granite.  You can safely use the sponges lined with a silvery net, or other plastic scouring pads. REMEMBER: it’s very important to spray the cleaner and let it sit for a while to moisten and soften the soil, before scrubbing. LET THE CLEANING AGENT DO THE WORK! It will make your job much easier and will be more effective.

DO treat your countertop to a conditioning stone polish occasionally. It can do a terrific job at brightening up your polished stone surface. Be sure that the ingredients are classified as “food-grade.” As with all the products, be sure to follow the label instructions.


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