How Do I Remove Residue Left Behind From Using MB-20 On My Granite Countertop?

Question​: MB-20 left residue behind on my granite fissures.  Please advise on what to do to bring back the shine while removing the residues from fissure lines. I am using a Makita and a Hogs Hair pad.

Answer: I have an answer for you. The problem is that you did not polish until the MB-20 was dry. I am going to list the steps for you to do.

  1. Use the Hogs Hair pad that you already have on the Makita.
  2. Re-polish, using a high speed, until the MB-20 is completely dry.

This should work for you. If this does not work, then you will use the following steps.

  1. Using some of the MB-20, start out polishing on a low speed and a good amount of pressure. The low speed polishing helps spread the product around.
  2. Once the product is spread around, move up to a high speed and slack off of the pressure.
  3. Polish the stone until the MB-20 is completely dry.


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