Question Regarding Marble Care Products


Question: Hello. I recently used your etching remover kit (MB-11, MB-5, MB-13) to remove some water/etching spots and then polish my existing Venetian engineered marble countertops and shower.  I know we are supposed to seal Venetian marble annually.  I wanted to ask is your MB-13 polish considered a sealer for this product?  The label says it repels water, stains, etc. but it does not call it a sealer.

If the MB-13 is NOT a sealer for engineered marble, my question then is two-fold:

1) Is it ok to go ahead and apply a sealer after I’ve applied that polish? 

2) Do you have a product that will effectively seal Venetian marble as annual maintenance?

Answer: MB-13 is a temporary spray polish, not a sealer. Sealers are made to go into the pits and pores of the stone to fill them up to prevent staining- they do not sit on top of the stone. Etching is a chemical reaction to the surface of the stone that a sealer will not prevent. Our MB-24 Barrier Impregnating sealer is what you would want to use to seal the stone, but you should always perform the water test first to see if the stone actually needs to be sealed (most stones do not need to be sealed every year):

Pour a palm size amount of water on the stone and let sit for 20-30 minutes. If the stone underneath the water turns darker you know you will need to seal. If the stone does not turn darker it means the stone does not need to be sealed (it is not absorbing water so it will not absorb the sealer either).

Our MB-11 etch remover does not typically work on engineered stones as they are not 100% calcite based stones. These types of stones are usually mixed with resins that will not react with the polishing compound resulting in a dull (rather than shiny) appearance when trying to remove the etch mark. We always suggest testing in an inconspicuous spot before using on the stone surface.

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