How Do I Remove Water Marks From My Mable Bathroom Vanity?

Question: “I have been using your MB-5 spray cleaner for a few years now on my white marble bathroom vanity top. Lately, I’ve noticed that watermarks are more quickly leaving a slight “white” ring. Looking over your site, I’ve decided to purchase MB-11 and Stone Cleaner and Sealer Gold kit. Are these the right products to eliminate the “shadow” watermarks and then seal the marble. The marble hasn’t been sealed in 4 years. Thank you.”

Answer: Thank you for contacting us regarding your stone. Have you been using anything else to clean the stone other the MB-5? The white marks sound like etching. The MB-5 will not etch the stone so just curious to know what else has been used. If the etch marks are minor (smooth to the touch) and if the marble is polished, MB-11 will help to remove these marks. Keep in mind, MB-11 is for use on minor etching. If the entire surface is etched you will want to contact a Stone Pro to restore the stone. The products you have listed will be the correct ones for your use, just understand that sealing the stone does not prevent etching.


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