How Do I Fix Dull Marks On My Black Granite Vanity?

Question: “I have a shiny black countertop in my bathroom that I’ve damaged by setting a bottle of Drano on top of it.  It has left a discolored outline of the bottom of the bottle on the stone.  The area is lighter than the countertop, so I think the bleach in the Drano has removed color from the countertop (vs. staining it). I don’t know exactly what material it is.  I know it is not laminate, formica or corian – I think it’s probably granite or marble, but has no veining in it.  Do you know how I can fix this?”

Answer:  Is that a countertop from a big box store? Drano could have etched it as it is a strong base 13 on the ph scale. That is a serious etch-I think it may be black absolute granite but not sure of the quality. You will not be able to fix this yourself and will need a stone pro. Its possible the stone was dyed and is a marginal quality product. If that is the case it may be best to replace the stone. Wish I had better news for you.

Yes, it was bought as one unit from Lowes or Home Depot – that’s why I’m not sure what the stone is.  I’m pretty sure it’s a poor quality granite.  It’s definitely stone of some sort. If it was dyed, is there a dye I could buy to at least try to correct the color? I’m kicking myself about this for a couple weeks now, so thank you for your advice – it is greatly appreciated!

Answer: Doctored or dyed stones can be made to look better by removing the dye using a heavy duty solvent cleaner (this is a very messy job). Once the dye is removed, the stone will look very different, not the pretty black color you originally purchased, but the chances of etching will be decreased. It would be best to contact a Stone Restoration Professional to tackle this project and restore the stone to a look you will be happy with.



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