How Do I Remove Iron Stains From Marble Shower Threshold?

Question:   “Good Morning, I have a customer with what I believe are rust stains in a marble shower stall, particularly on the white threshold. I’ve purchased a rust remover poultice and used it several times, but there has been no significant reduction in the stain. Do you have any other suggestions I might try? I’m treading lightly here, since I don’t want to hurt the stone, but the customer will go as far as replacing the stained tiles and threshold to get rid of the stains. I’m trying very hard to avoid that route.”


Answer: The rust stains you are dealing with can be extremely hard to remove. In white marbles, there can be a high degree of iron minerals in the composition of the stone. When moisture is introduced it will cause the iron to oxidize. Another way rust stains can develop is when there are metal screws used in the sub floor or somewhere below the stone. Again, moisture is the cause. Some acids such as phosphoric acids and, also acidic salts can help remove the oxidation. However, it will need repetitive treatments with no predictable results. I would recommend changing out the tiles.



**This is not a DIY process. Contact a Stone Restoration Professional for this type of repair**

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