Stone Care Tools and Supplies For the Stone Restoration Professional

For beginners and experts, both homeowners and professionals,  MB Stone Pro has always, and consistently, been known for providing the best tools and products available in stone care and stone restoration. With the best advice accumulated over more than 20 years, MB Stone Pro has always been the turn-to for top consulting regarding differing stones, its individual care and the correct stone supplies needed for the job.


With knowledge and experience comes trustworthiness. At MB Stone Pro, through the tutelage of Maurizio Bertoli, we have amassed the knowledge base that has allowed us to become the Top-Rated National stone care and restoration supplier. We not only supply the best in the industry to each and every one of our customers, our highly skilled and professional staff are ready to answer the most complicated of questions and consult with the best in the business.

From floor machines, to floor pads; from adhesives to cleaners and everything in between, we carry an impressive selection of only the best in stone care products and tools on our website. Should you be interested in gaining more knowledge in the industry or are looking to start a business, MB Stone Pro can assist with our comprehensive training manual or full training course. Check our website for the next class start date.


After more than 20 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about varying types of stone and its care. We are passionate about what we do and we hope to only share that passion with you through exemplary customer service and thorough knowledge and education. Let us help you with your stone needs and experience the MB Stone difference.

For more information regarding our products visit us at

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