Color Enhancers For Natural Stone

Choose Stone Color Enhancers for Results that Stand Out

Stone color enhancers can give you amazing stand out results and bring out the natural beauty of your stone while it seals. It will improve the aesthetics and the longevity of the stone, and is a relatively simple process that offers a big advantage for improving the look of your stone.

color enhanced 4

Why Use a Stone Color Enhancer?

The stone color enhancer works on stone to deepen the natural color and the color of the grout. It adds contrast, shine,
depth, and a nice durable finish. Color enhancers can be used on all non-polished stone surfaces and some polished surfaces as well. It greatly enhances the natural color to give it a stand out look and adds a deep shine to the stone. The finish is durable enough to hide both scratches and imperfections.

color enhanced 2


MB Stone Care Offers Several Different Color Sealing Enhancers

MB-21 Color Sealing enhancer is a professional grade premium solvent based, VOC compliant formulation, is easy to use, clear, very low odor, non-flammable formulation that was designed for homeowners and contractors alike. MB-21 is safe to use on food prep surfaces and not sensitive to most common household acidic substances. The result is permanent. MB-21 provides optimum sealing capabilities protecting against oil and water based staining agents.With the combined enhancer and sealer in one easy to use application, you can easily handle the job on your own.  Simply use color enhancer on marble, granite and other stone surfaces to get amazing results.

MB-6 Stone Color Enhancer is the ideal product to achieve that ‘wet look’ (only the darkening of the color without any sheen) while at the same time being an effective yet high-breath-ability impregnating sealer.


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