Marble Etch Mark Removal The Easy Way: MB-11 Polished Powder Review

Unfortunately if acids come into contact with a marble surface then the acid will quickly react with the marble creating light dull marks on the surface called etch marks. These etch marks are a result of the acid physically dissolving part of the marble’s surface and appear as dull whitish marks that can ruin the beautiful look of a marble surface.

Luckily many of these etch marks can be easily removed by using MB Stone Care’s MB-11 Polishing powder!

The marble polishing powder works as an abrasive that actually polishes the marble’s surface. It removes the etch mark by re-polishing the dull mark making it look like its polished shiny marble surroundings. In about 15 or 20 seconds, this well designed marble polish has the stone looking brand new.

Check out this 3rd party review of the MB-11 Polishing powder by This review details the process of how to effectively use the MB-11 Polishing Powder in an easy to understand actionable video. This video shows you how easy the product is to use, and how effective the polishing powder is at removing etch marks. This article also gives some easy tips to make the etch removal process safe and easy!
Check out this MB-11 Polishing Powder Review!

Author Bio:

This Guest Post was written by Owen Franklin from His site is a completely free resource that is a one stop shop for everything you need to know to maintain and care for your marble.
TheMarbleCleaner strives to give actionable, easy to use, marble care and maintenance tips so your marble will look brand new forever.


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