Easy Guide to Natural Stone Bath and Shower Care

It can be very confusing when trying to figure out which product(s) to use for cleaning your natural stone bath and shower. The following three products should be in your supply at all times. It doesn’t matter if you have marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, ceramic tile, etc- all three of these products are safe to use on all stones without worry of damage. The MB Stone Care Bath and Shower Kit is all you will need for everyday cleaning: This kit includes an every day spray cleaner, a soap film remover and a mildew stain remover.

MB-5 Stone Spray Cleaner

mb5 new

MB-5 Stone Spray Cleaner is an everyday cleaner that is great to use on walls, vanities, fixtures, glass, mirrors and any other hard surfaces. This product can be used on all natural stones and stores nicely as it has a long shelf life. Also available in gallon size.

MB-3 Soap Film Remover

mb3qt new

Soap film develops over time and can leave your stone looking dull or streaky. To remove this build up simply use a diluted solution of MB-3 in a proportion of 1 to 2 with warm water. Liberally apply with a sponge and allow to stand – without letting the solution dry – until the soap scum begins breaking up. Scrub slightly with a scrub brush or plastic scouring pad. Repeat if needed. Tip: bar soap tends to lead to soap film build up more so than liquid soap. If you continue to battle the soap film issue consider switching to liquid soap. Also available in gallon size.

MB-9 Mildew Stain Remover

mb9 new

Mildew is unsightly and can also be very hard to remove from natural stone. MB-9 Mildew Stain Remover is a very effective solution to remove mold and mildew from natural stone without the worry of damage. Cleans mildew stains on contact without scrubbing. Just spray and watch mildew stains disappear within a few minutes- it really is that easy!

These three products are the most important products to have on hand to keep your natural stone bath and shower clean and looking beautiful for a long time to come. Remember-never use any acidic product to clean calcite based stones (marble, travertine, limestone, etc). There are many homemade concoctions floating around the internet that boast the “best way” to clean your stone. These almost always include the use of vinegar which is the kiss of death for these stones. The only way to remove etching caused by acidic products is to contact a Stone Restoration Professional who will have to actually restore the stone-this can be quite expensive. Better to spend that money on the correct cleaning products and eliminate the headache of a full restoration and the expense associated with it!

For more information regarding our products please visit us at www.mbstonecare.com

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