My Black Granite is Dull. What Can I Do?

This is a question we a get A LOT! Most of the time this can be corrected by removing any sealer or coating that has been applied to the stone. Black granite is not a porous stone and does NOT need to be sealed. Now, every stone is different and we always suggest conducting the “water test” before applying sealer to any stone. This can be done by pouring a palm sized amount of water on the stone and letting it dwell for 20-30 minutes. If the stone under the water turns darker you know you will need to seal. This means the stone is absorbing liquid; it is porous. If the stone does not turn darker sealing is not required at this time. We recommend performing this test periodically just to be safe.

So, getting back to the black granite. If there is any sealer on the stone simply remove this using denatured alcohol (this can purchased at your local hardware supply store). Once this is removed you should see a difference in the appearance of the stone.

Another reason your black granite could look dull is that it could have a build up of soap film on it. Many people use a solution of soap and water to clean the stone and after awhile a build up will form;  for this we recommend using a soap film remover. The soap film remover will help to dissolve any build up on the stone and restore the stone to it’s original luster.

If the there is no sealer on the stone and you have not been using soap and water to clean, the granite might be in need of a restoration by a professional or there could be something else going on with the stone (it might not be a true granite, it could be doctored, etc). If at anytime you are not sure please call or email us. We will gather the necessary information from you to recommend the correct steps in restoring your stone.


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