Marble Etching

So you have bought a new house with marble countertops. They are beautiful and clean and you are just so proud and ready to show off your new home, especially your kitchen. You invite your friends over and have a great time celebrating and socializing with lots of wine. The next morning you wake up and notice your beautiful marble has light circles all of over it from where the wine glasses were set. You immediately start wiping and scrubbing your stone, but there is no difference. Oh no! What many people do not know is that marble is very sensitive and etches very easily.

What is an etch? It is a chemical reaction that occurs in calcite based stones when it comes in contact with any acidic substance. For this reason, although marble is very pretty, it is one of the worst stones that can be put into a kitchen! Not only is it a headache to maintain, it can also be extremely costly because it has to be professionally restored in order to maintain its luster.

There are few DIY remedies for marble etching, but MB Stone Care does offer a solution for minor etching on light colored, polished stones. If the etch mark is small (glass rings, etc), and smooth to the touch, MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder or the Marble Repair Kit will remove these marks. If the etch mark is rough to the touch this usually means the etching has gone below the surface of the stone and will require the services of a Stone Professional to restore the stone.


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4 thoughts on “Marble Etching

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  3. Hello, love my marble kitchen countertops and its time to reseal them. The contractor initially used a water based sealer but within 30 days it failed the water test so he resealed it with an oil based sealer. I love your products but note that you only offer a waterbased sealer. Will that be as effective on top of the oil sealer?

    I also need to remove some stains & etchings. I have your marble etching kit, stone polish & stain remover. Do I seal the counter before or after I polish?

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  4. Thank you for contacting us regarding your stone. It sounds like your countertop is quite porous which is why an additional application was needed. Sealers are meant to fill up the pores of the stone- they do not sit on top. Once the stone is adequately sealed, water should bead up. Our MB-24 Barrier is a great impregnating sealer, very effective in repelling against liquids as well as oil and grease.

    For stains you will need to use a poultice (such as our Stain Reaper or Te-Clean stain remover) to draw the stain out. Remember -a stain is always darker than the stone whereas an etch is always lighter than the stone. To remove an etch from light colored, polished marble you will want to use the MB-11 polishing powder. Once all of the stains and etch marks have been removed then you can seal.

    I hope this helps and please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.


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